Why UHY Haines Norton?UHY careers

Creativity, innovation and energy aren’t products of a drab and dreary workplace. We get the best out of our people by giving them the best. With a modern office in the heart of the Adelaide CBD and working in a dynamic and engaging environment, coming to work at UHY Haines Norton is challenging and rewarding.

We are a big network of member firms with a smaller close knit team in Adelaide, which means access to the best resources and international opportunities, while not being lost in the crowd. Your contributions and successes are recognised and celebrated. We foster a culture that supports a healthy work – life balance.


Our industry is always changing, businesses develop new needs, government and industry regulations change, as does the economy. The sky is the limit for a career in the professional services industry!


Are you technically competent and enjoy working with people? 
Working with a strong audit team, you will be 
highly mobile meeting with clients and potential clients to win tenders, present audit 
findings and have business savvy to provide innovative solutions to help clients meet their financial goals. You will have the opportunity to develop your skill base and sector knowledge through exposure to a large client portfolio and differing business needs.


Could you identify, improve on and advise clients on potential financial risks?
The market is continually changing and our clients are faced with more and more challenges, competition and uncertainty. A position in the accounting and advisory services team involves helping clients manage risks, control their financials and improve their business performance.


Do you want to develop successful solutions for clients? Your role as a professional tax consultant is to guide clients through the complex world
 of tax and provide strategic solutions to meet the requirements of current tax regimes. You will stay up to 
date with current national and international tax regulations and industry trends, to enable 
you to develop tailored and effective tax strategies.