Litigation Support

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Litigation is the downside of business. We hope that you don’t have to go through it, but sometimes it does happen. If and when it does we are able to give you the best litigation support available and make the process as smooth as possible.

We work with you and your legal advisors in all areas of business litigation including:


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Allegations of fraud pose serious risk to your business and all involved. It is important when building a deliverable business strategy to understand and manage fraud and its associated risks. Additionally, should you be victim of, or involved in, a fraud case it is imperative you have a strong, diligent and experienced professional on your side when investigating and reporting on suspicious activities.

Our forensic team can help your organisation to evaluate and investigate suspicions and provide suitable evidence for fraud allegations.

Family Law Valuations

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Our UHY Haines Norton networks have a strong record in family law valuations, bringing years of experience, local knowledge and sound judgement to the family law property settlement process.

By using a systematic and transparent valuation method, combined with our skills and expertise, we are able to provide many clients and family lawyers with well researched and independent advice.

Often family law valuations differ in structure to a commercial valuation. So whether your objective is to determine a fair market value estimate, investment value or value of the share to the owner we are able to adapt our approach and prepare a report that suits your circumstances.

We understand the emotional strain of a family settlement and aim to make the process as smooth and seamless as possible so as not to add to your stress.

Through the furore of a marriage breakdown or property settlement, tax implications are often overlooked. Tax legislation creates a large amount of opportunities for effective tax strategies prior to, at the time of, and after the property settlement. Our experienced tax professionals can make sure opportunities are investigated and risks understood.

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